Brains on offer; een mailtje aan JetBrains

2012/12/13 Michiel de Wit <[email protected]>

Dear Sir / Madam,

I feel you need some more brains at JetBrains. Not because there is any problem with your software. On the contrary, I personally use PhpStorm every day, thanking whoever made it twice an hour. No, I rather think a smart place like JetBrains will never have quite enough brains. So I come to offer you mine (but only when I don’t need them for more important stuff, like telling my wife how much I adore her).

You may know me (but probably won’t), as an article of my name was once published. I did a thesis on Code Clone Management and it got published on ICSM’09 (cf. attachment / http://scholar.google.nl/scholar?cluster=2803914954853615775). Long story short: I developed a tool to manage rather than remove code duplicates. PhpStorm already has a feature to detect clones but is quite unable to do anything useful with them. I would very much like to fix that little issue as part of my PhD.

Do you feel there may be any kind of possibility to help me help you? I will be doing the PhD at the well reputed Delft University of Technology (NL) with Professor Arie van Deursen, but without a grant. As you can see, that is where my plan needs improvement and where you might have some JetBrains-grade ideas.

I would love to hear from you, especially when there is some good or inspirational news to be shared.

Kind regards,

Michiel de Wit

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